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AMAT Architecture Portfolio


Vineyard VinesGreenwich CT Flagship Store & Various Locations

The store was inspired by the owner brothers, Shep and Ian Murray's lifelong passion for boats, marine culture, and the nautical lifestyle. Notably, the cash wraps in the store were uniquely crafted from real boats, and the fixtures were made of teak wood with intricate finishing wheel details. This attention to detail and incorporation of nautical elements helped create a distinctive and authentic shopping experience for customers. Even to this day, Vineyard Vines has maintained this design concept, with over 30 stores.


Shu Uemura South Coast Plaza Store, CANASFM Retail Design Awards 2007 Store of the Year 

The Shu Uemura Store, spanning 900 square feet, captivates attention with its vibrant lighting and a striking centerpiece named the Color Bar, featuring a 15-foot-long counter artfully rising from the floor to ceiling. This Meticulously designed fixture, with its shape, and sculpted angles, rests on a translucent base, elegantly presenting Shu Uemura's exquisite line of high-end beauty products.

Generally, white-finished fixtures are used to highlight and serve as a background for the colorful cosmetic products. However, at the end of the store, a wall painted by a local artist stands out, featuring an iconic lip-shaped sofa.

Energy Marathon

Dylan's Candy Bar
Upper East, NYC - Flagship Store

Dylan's Candy Bar's New York flagship shop offers a vibrant and whimsical candy wonderland. Colorful candy-themed decorations, lollipop fixtures, and candy-inspired art create a playful and delightful atmosphere. Shelves are filled with an extensive assortment of candies from around the world, arranged in eye-catching patterns. A grand candy staircase serves as a stunning centerpiece. The design immerses customers in a nostalgic and joyful candy-filled adventure.

Energy Marathon

Kobe, Japan and Various Locations

The COMME CA store is a curated shop featuring "COMME CA DE MODE" brands, centered around the theme of "Japanese life." This Kobe Lifestyle Assortment Mega-store spans five stories and 61,000 square feet, offering Men's, Women's, Kids, and Baby clothing, along with a cafe, stationery, and home goods section. The store's finish showcases white Thassos marble and gray concrete-look stucco walls, while the Noh theater-inspired display windows are crafted from Cypress wood and painted pine trees.